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Below you will find stats for my social media channels. These analytics are constantly changing so check back often as my work and online presence evolves. Feel free to email me if you would like this info in .pdf form.

You can also find stats and info on my Streamforge page.

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18,600 +

Total Followers

390 Average Viewers

(90 Days)


Unique Viewers

(90 Days)


Hours Watched

(90 Days)


Total Followers



(90 Days)


Engagement Rate (90 Days)



per day (90 Days)


Total Followers


Video Views

(60 Days)


Video Likes

(60 Days)


Profile Views

(60 Days)


Total Followers


Accounts Reached

(90 Days)


Accounts Engaged

(90 Days)



 (90 Days)

Data pulled as of 1/25/2024 from Twitch, Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram analytics pages. Data also pulled from Twitch Tracker and

Services Offered

Let's Collaborate. 

  • Sponsored Broadcasts on Twitch

  • Sponsored Social Media Posts
    (with analytic reporting)

  • Interviews and Podcasts

  • Panels and Conventions

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Hosting

  • Product Demonstration

  • Collaborative Broadcasts

  • Charity Activations


Want to know what it is like to work with me? Here are a few words from those I collaborated with.

"Ash is the consummate professional, I had an amazing time working with her on our award show project. She brought fantastic energy to our broadcast, was amazingly prompt on deliverables and brought some very special to our Spawnies awards and I can't wait to collaborate and work with her again"

-Kahlief  Adams/ CEO | Spawn On Me 

“Ash is an absolute joy to work with and a true professional in this space. Her passion and willingness to go above and beyond for each project she is apart of shines in every activation. After working with her on a Zool Redimensioned sponsored stream and seeing the results, I knew right away we’d need to work together again soon.”

-Stephanie Fulwiler / Influencer Relations,

Dead Good Media

"I work with over 50 content creators a year, ranging anywhere from a few thousand followers, to 10 million+ . I've partnered with Ash on multiple occasions, and am consistently impressed by the high level of quality and professionalism that she exudes. She's highly responsive, and has cultivated a delightful community across her social media platforms. I can't recommend working with her highly enough!"

Jeff Brooks / Director of Marketing |

Virtual Athletics League

"Ash is an absolute gem of a content creator! Not only does she deliver the results you want, but she is also professional, easy to work with & always highly responsive!! Her creative input ensures that each campaign is specifically tailored to her audience which makes all the difference. If we could clone Ash we would ;)"

-Kat Schreiber/ CEO | Disobey

"Working with Ash to highlight our upcoming game's demo has been such a delight! Not only is she professional in every aspect of her work, but she is truly enthusiastic about gaming and creating positive content on Twitch. Our team couldn't have asked for a better experience, and we can't wait to work with her again for the game's release!"

-Amanda Cooper / Community Manager | The Behemoth

"Ashlie was incredibly quick to understand what we needed and offered us fantastic solutions which exceeded our expectations! She was warm, enthusiastic and incredibly supportive of our project. Indie developers are often nervous about sharing their early work but Ash was so excited and got her viewers participating in wonderful ways during our live stream event with her. We can't wait to work with Ashlie again!"

Katie Postma Senior/ Community Manager, Engagement and Development 

Scavengers Studios

"I worked with Ash on a complex charity livestream involving external partners and a short timeframe, and not only did she absolutely deliver on the stream itself – fun, lively, always on message – she was instrumental and utterly engaged in the planning process as well. We literally couldn’t

have done it without her!"

Dan Whitehead /

Product Manager, Merge Games

"It was a real treat to get to work with Ash on a sponsored stream! From her cheerful energy to her thorough professionalism, it's clear that she knows exactly how to provide what is needed for a successful sponsored campaign. The entire process went by very smoothly, and Ash was quick to respond and worked gracefully around our tight campaign timeline. We look forward to working together again soon!"

Fern /

Influencer Relations Specialist, Player Two PR

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