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About Ash

About Ash

Hi! My name is Ash (she/her) and I am a Twitch broadcaster and entertainer. My energetic and infectious passion for video games drove my path to success in becoming a partner and Twitch Ambassador.

The AshSaidHi channel started on Twitch in March 2019. My show focuses on classic gaming and modern games with a retro feel. I am known on Twitch for my extensive collection of games, consoles, and Nintendo merchandise.

My mission is to connect with others through the joy and nostalgia of video games. As a Twitch Ambassador, my channel is featured on the front page of Twitch frequently so I am accustomed to performing in front of a sizable audience while keeping my channel family-friendly and fun. I structure the flow of my chat to be highly engaging. You can think of me as the "Mr. Rogers of Twitch."

I often share personal stories about how gaming shaped who I am. From playing video games with my mother and father to adventures I had building my collection,  Swing by for the hilarity and “Don’t forget to tell your friends, Ash said hi!”


Work with Ash

I have over a decade of experience as a game demonstrator, social media manager, and visual designer. I honed my skills for showcasing games through working various industry events such as E3, Comic-Con, and multiple product showcase tours. I have a degree in advertising, so communicating key points in a brief is my forte. Working with me gives you a unique edge because I know how to speak about games clearly and effectively. Here are skills you can expect.

  • Clear Business Communication

  • Timely Responses to Requests

  • Sharing Insights for Sponsored Streams

  • Understanding of How to Be Brand Safe

  • Delivery of Constructive Feedback

  • Careful Attention to Game/Campaign Brief Details

  • Enthusiasm and Fun!

Appearances and

I feel lucky to share that I have worked with some incredible companies. I am featured on the GOG Twitch channel, I am in the Capcom Creator program, and I am a PowerA affiliate. Publishers that have partnered with me are Capcom, SNK, Ziggurat, and more. I have spoken on panels at Dreamhack Atlanta, TwitchCon, and PAX East.

I was a contestant on the NBC Peacock show "Frogger" and I was in a national commercial for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Mobile. I was on a billboard in Times Square. I have presented on the Spawnies award show and I currently have my own show that highlights creators called the Awesome Streamer Hour.


My team and I have raised money for charities including War Child UK, Starlight Children's Foundation, Color of Change, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Bail Project, Direct Relief and the American Heart Association. We have raised over 20K dollars in funds as a team.


Feel free to click on the images for examples of my collaborative works and reach out if you would like to work together. 


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Get to know ASH

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Mario Day Hosting Event

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Creator Camp

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Spawn on Me Presentator

Spawn on Me Presentator

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Highlighted Videos

Here are a few highlights from my Twitch channel! I love sticking Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on my forehead, whispering "hawt dawg" into the mic with my NYC accent, and showing off items from my gaming collection. Check out some of these shorts from gameplay moments that are taken from my live broadcasts on Twitch. I hope to give you a laugh and lift your spirits with some goofy gameplay. Check back for new clips! I update with new videos as they happen.

Thanks for watching!

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